VERY FINE Vintage Russell GRW XXL US Army Carbon Steel Chef Knife RAZOR SHARP

VERY FINE Vintage Russell GRW XXL US Army Carbon Steel Chef Knife RAZOR SHARP

VERY FINE Vintage Russell GRW XXL US Army Carbon Steel Chef Knife RAZOR SHARP

Please read our Terms below for details. Army, but none of them have had the finesse, balance and overall beauty of this one.

Having been hand-forged in Massachusetts by Russell, as it was, that shouldn't be much of a surprise to anyone. As the photos show quite plainly, it's just a thing of beauty. What they can't show, though, is the way it feels in the hand--like it belongs there and always has.

But for you that's a break because most buyers for this knife want it for working and it wants for NOTHING--at a greatly reduced price. We fully warrantee this knife as having been made by Russell, who produced them only from 1959-61, and NO ONE else produced one quite so finely forged. Whether drafting this knife for your collection, or deploying it into active duty, the winner of this outstanding piece will have acquired a remarkable find, indeed.

, but this one goes above and beyond the call of duty. It was made during the earliest years of the Vietnam War during the Eisenhower or Kennedy Administration, but even more than fifty years after it was forged, it stands at the ready to serve and protect YOUR kitchen from the menace of improperly prepared foods of every description. As the photos show, condition is excellent--full and INCREDIBLY sharp blade (you can literally shave with its edge), hafted over a full and FINELY tapered tang with finely grained beechwood handles that are free of cracks, loosness or other damage.

But notice how FINELY that tang does taper--just extraordinary workmanship on this piece. Most Army knives I've seen also had much thicker blades, falling into the "cuisine massive" category. It's a VERY sturdy blade, but permits the user all kinds of maneuverability and deftness--more like a classic Sabatier than most American chef knives. For the serious chef, it is an essential.

It's beautifully balanced in the hand to permit the speedy dispatch of any kitchen's most demanding and delicate chopping tasks, and is probably the only knife you'll ever REALLY need. This singularity of purpose in the kitchen represents an entire "one-knife kitchen" philosophy still dearly clung to by many old-school chefs brought up in the traditions of the French Ecole Ritz-Escoffier. Chefs educated (and tortuously apprenticed) in this tradition know the true value of such a knife and become quite passionate in putting forth their argument as to why it's the only knife any true chef will ever need. The old guys love ANY opportunity to show off their knife skills, too! Whether you ascribe to that philosophy or not, you will, after one or two uses, soon agree that such a knife is indispensable to any serious chef. It's still kind of hard to imagine so fine a knife being used to produce such terrible food as the Army was serving in those days, though, isn't it?

If you've used carbon steel knives before, you know the delight of using one. If not, you're in for a most pleasant surprise. They take an edge much more easily and do not shatter like their stainless steel relatives especially Henckels! I've lost 3 this way.

And outperform in almost every way. You must wipe them down after each use but their beauty (it's much nicer in person than the digital pix make it appear) and superior performance are worth it. Like all fine knives, this chef's knife has a fully hand-forged blade with flared ferrule, and full-tang triple-riveted in brass its gorgeously grained handle scales. There can be no disputing its quality--it's simply world class, on par with the best French knives--or in the pleasure that a trained hand will experience in its usage.

It measures 17-3/8" long with a substantial 12.25" blade. An outstanding piece of vintage professional grade cutlery, offered here at substantially less than you'd expect to pay for a contemporary stainless steel chef's knife with a regular blade made from recycled steel stock. Don't pass up an opportunity to truly elevate the quality of cutlery in YOUR kitchen, amateur or professional. A WORD ABOUT MAINTENANCE: Never use a dishwasher.

Wash the knife by hand and wipe clean immediately thereafter. Wipe the knife clean when using it on wet or acidic foods. It WILL rust if not maintained properly.

I apply a very thin coat of non-toxic mineral oil to blade and wooden handles periodically, to seal them from ambient moisture in the atmosphere (olive or corn oil will suffice). Our store's inventory is searchable using the search field or may be browsed by clicking on categories, with each option found on the left side of the store's homepage. Don't see it or can't find what you're looking for? It's wrong--it's STEALING--and you WILL be turned in to us by one of the legion of our loyal customers, who inevitably see your plagiarism and notify us about it.

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WE SELF-INSURE using our business policy. I will gladly send you the forms necessary to file. Late, so again, we ask you in advance to please forgive our humanity. We take customer service very seriously and want to do whatever it takes to meet your needs. If you're not in total agreement with us here or disagree for any reason, we can only urge that you PLEASE shop elsewhere.

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VERY FINE Vintage Russell GRW XXL US Army Carbon Steel Chef Knife RAZOR SHARP